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Friday, September 19, 2008

Die Aufreisser

Acht wilde Raubkatzen warten auf Ihre Dressur...

I can't say what exactly made me flip this compilation to check out which tracks were featured on it (I actually don't know what made me dig through the filthy compilation bin at all, let's call it fate hehe). But i guess the trash-as-trash-can-styled cover artwork was one reason to pause in front of it . The german descriptions printed on the cover ("8 hot disco-singles - a special release for discjockeys") gave me the rest so I gave the whole thing a try.
Big respect goes to the guy responsible for the promo texts. To stand out in this crap producing branch is not easy but he does easily with sentences like these: "Eight cats of prey are waiting for your dressage: Why don't you put a leash on these wild cats? You will see how tenderly they can purr, these beasts with velvet paws."
It's always surprising and funny when you discover tracks on comps like that which you never ever would have presumed to be there. In this case among all the other bullshit there is this little piece of early cosmic essence:

"Englishman John Forde has been workin as a studio musician
for a long time, before his voice was spotted. His specialty: Keyboards.
He used this perfection for his first single "Stardance", whose
space rock sound climbed the british charts astronomically fast."

That's what the descriptional text says here. And beside the fact that I can't imagine that this track would have ever seen the charts from any distance , I agree on the text in this case.
Stardance was originally released in 1977 as a 7" and was later also featured on the Woman 12" by John Forde. These releases are very hard to find nowadays as they got some hype because they were favourites of DJs like Daniele Baldelli and later on DJ Harvey.
What's so special about Forde's work is in my opinion the functional use of synths at this early point. The usual disco orchestration is replaced by the cosmic sounding synthesizers giving it a futuristic feel. This kind of production actually sounds quite up-to-date even today. I would give a lot to be living at this time, the late 70s, where the synthesizers started to conquer dance music. Dancing to this kind of music must have given a strange and exciting feeling to the crowd.
The song-writing and the way John Forde is singing here on the other hand are a bit too much for me. But sometimes that kind of cheesy athmosphere is also working for me. The louder I play it the more i like it.
Also, if you are into this kind of stuff, you should definitely check out the "dirty space disco" compilation by the dirty soundsystem. There is also a track by John Forde featured on it: "Atlantis". This one is even more cheesy and therefore not really my cup of tea, but there's some other really nice stuff to be discovered.

Nehmen Sie unsere Wildkatzen doch mal an die Leine.
Dann werden Sie schon sehen, wie zärtlich die schnurren
können, diese Aufreißer mit Samtpfoten.