Warm Beats For Warm People

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


I don't really get along with computers“ is a sentence that makes musicians appear likeable. In a time where so many new releases never saw real instruments from a distance it is unfortunately very rare.
Mauricio Rebolledo belongs to this romantic type, that still prefers the warm unperfectness created by analog instruments.
Born in Xalapa, now living in Monterrey, Mexico, he started his musical career in 2002 behind the DJ stand fighting like a „Guerrero“ against the predominant „plain and monotone sets“ he hates.
When I DJ I don't lock myself up in one specific genre.[...]I like playing music from really new to really old.[...]I like to mix house and techno tracks, I play my own productions...a lot of disco, but actually...any kind of music can pop up during my sets.
6 years later then only DJing did not suffice no more. Rebolledo felt the necessity of producing his own music.
This is the moment where globetrotter Matias Aguayo and his new label Cómeme came into play.
Aguayo, a former member of Closer Musik on Kompakt had moved back from Cologne to Buenos Aires where he organizes parties called Bumbumbox with some friends. The collaboration also gave birth to a new label (Cómeme) and Rebolledo, for the time being, ranks among the tiny South American selection of artists (the other ones: Matias Aguayo, Chantal, Diegors and Djs Pareja)
Matias and me got to know eachother a couple of years ago when he came to play in Mexico. We became friends and kept in touch. The last time he came, almost one year ago, I told him about my desire of starting to produce and he said he was interested in listening to my ideas. When I started to make my own music he would always listen to it...and liked it right from the start.

Back to present and computers: Rebolledo creates his sounds in various ways. Producing „Guerrero“ for example, he used some kind of electronic toy drums, that he bought on a Mexican market for a mite. Other instruments of choice are basic synthesizers, maracas, cowbells, various percussion instruments and even his own voice to create bass-lines, melodies and rhythm. Whenever he's making use of effects, they have to be analog („I prefer to produce and record them in real time“) Being no accomplished musician his way of producing is a lot of playing around, testing sounds and noises.
I don't have any musical background nor education, I come from the DJ stand. My music is probably not the best for listening to on the Ipod...but it totally works on the dancefloor. All tracks have a reason or objective,...an intention to provoke the crowd.
My music might appear basic, simple and repetitive, but smartly used you have great results on the dancefloor.

Whenever there is need for extern input he has his friend DanDaMan a.k.a. Daniel Gutierrez, who in fact has this musical education as a sound engineer.
Producing with him I can make use of other other elements than in my solo productions. We add guitars (he plays them)...analog synthesizers...a moog and a juno by roland...among other things. If you listen to his solo music you will notice that what we do together is kind of a mixture between his instrumental rock-pop and my simple sound, made for the dancefloor.

At the end Rebolledo can't avoid working with a computer to put all the sounds together. (I think we can cope with it.)
As already revealed before, his DJ-sets no genresque borders, so that his eclectic musical influence he names is not too surprising: besides the psychedelic elements of West Coast House, Disco, Da Funk by Daft Punk („key moment“), Mareadora by Greenvelvet he doesn't even shie away from Country music.“But it's not only music that inspires me, when I want to make music I rather think of emotions and intentions than of other music. A lot of things are based on ideas and memories from my childhood. My imagination was totally released and crazy those days

Cómeme plans to release their first records at the beginning of 2009. Here probably distributed on Kompakt.


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