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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Jeremy Jay

Drunk? Stoned? What was it?
Questions we had to think about while enjoying a free beer and Tom Tom Club in Cologne's “King Georg”.
It was Saturday, 14th of February when we got to know the promise of a nice indie-new wave-disco concert (concert: analog and instruments and stuff) by Jeremy Jay, hailing from L.A., California.

Jeremy attracted our interest through his superb down-tempo cover of Suicide's Ghostrider and after further investigation we did not hesitate to arrange an interview for after the gig when the cologne-show was announced.
It led us down to the lowlands of our belief and “King Georgs”, right into the storage cellar where I once more pulled out my ancient recorder.
We thought about not posting the following, but for various reasons we did. Everything is literally typewritten. We did not change or cut a word.
Find it whatever you want. Funny, sad, confusing, annoying...

What we're planning on doing with „Ghostrider“ is to put it on a b-side...of something...I don't know.
Actually we have a session tomorrow in Amsterdam.

Oh yeah, you're playing in Amsterdam tomorrow. Where are you playing?

I don't know how to pronounce it...but we have this session there tomorrow...but it's probably going to be on a b-side of a 7” or 12”.

That would be cool. We're so much into vinyl you know. CD doesn't mean anything to us.

Not more than MP3.

Sometimes...I don't know...that's the thing. Like our new record “Slow Dance” has been downloaded for free so many times. (weird noises) Well, I mean I'm saying it's not even out yet till next month.

You just sold it.

Well, because I had one copy. I have one and she asked me for it, I was like: “ok”. But we will have a “Slow Dance” Record-Release-Party in Paris on March 14th. That's a secret show. Record Release!

Where is it?

Fleche D'or. The show is gonna be...sold out. I mean it's gonna be packed. A good show. You should go!

Ok. Actually, how does it come that you do, you know, so many 80s New Wave Covers?

I did New Horizon, Ghostrider...

New Horizon was originally by?

Section 25. That's on the CD that you didn't get. (Hilarious laughter)


Yeaaaah. But it won't be on anything else. I mean it's not going to come out.

But how come that you do this kind of stuff?

I make CDs that are handmade.

Yeah, yeah. Ok.

That are special. Not through a record label. I make it personally.

Yeah yeah ok, cool, but...

And that is made for a tour you know...we probably got bonus songs like stuff that we just do and...the CD is this record plus 6 songs. Like “Jeremy's On Fire”, a Brian Eno cover, Section 25 cover, Blondie cover...

Yeah but what I wanted to know is...this kind of 80s new wave stuff is one of you big influences or how does it come that yo do these ones?

The way that I did the “ghostrider” was...I was listening to the record and then I slowed it down four times. You know : danananananana and then: den den/den den/den den/den den

Sounds like B52s.

Ja. den den/den den you know like the “Planet Claire” record. Yes I guess you can almost compare it to “Planet Claire”...Almost. But not.(laughter) ...But for no reason, I mean, a year ago I was doing more show tunes like “You are My Lucky Star” from the movie “Boy Friend”, MGM 1971 I covered it on another tour-cd. More romantic stuff. And this kind of stuff was more for shows. You know, you can play “Ghostrider” for show and it's fun. But stuff like “You Are My Lucky Star”...we played it one show at “The Smell” in L.A...like in 2007...and that was on another...I mean I do a lot of covers all the time.

Why is it so?

I don't know. I get inspired to. I mean I did a Section 25...one that isn't released...”Looking From A Hilltop”...

I know that song.

Well I did that one and “New Horizons”...

Yeah yeah but what is interesting to me that the songs in their original form are quite different from what you are actually playing.

Well the way that I play “Ghostrider” and the way that we were there is on “Slow Dance” and like other songs that we play live is similar the way I play it. It goes together in a show you know.
And tonight we did “The Living Dolls” with just a guitar and that to me is special to me like that's where I come from. I love the dancey stuff but I also like to rewind and backup and be serious. (laughter).

I also recognized you often got disco beats in the background. The drummer plays this disco kinda thing. One of your influences?


You got a synthesizer...

I think the new record “Slow Dance” has a couple of disco beats.

Where does that come from?

I don't know. 70s....

You're into that kind of stuff?

Oh yeah. I've got hundreds of records. Vinyl (laughter).

What's your favourite artist of that era? Late 70s / 80s.

I like Pop Music. One of my favourite bands of Pop from the 70s is definitely...

(One of the Clubs employees now enters)



“Beautiful concert.”

Thank you so much.

“Thank YOU so much. Do you have the key?”

I have the keys...these ones?

“No for the wardrobe?”

No I don't. I tried to get in.

“He said he gave you the key.”

No he gave me these ones.

“Oh you're doing an interview?”

You ruined it.

“lalala. I ruin everything.”


Favourite Pop-Band...

Oh yeah I mean...whatever.

No no. You just wanted to tell us your favourite Pop-Band.

Oh no no no. no! Blondie. Debbie Harry?

You just had one in mind.

That's the one I was going to say. Debbie Harry? But yeah It's like you know...fun you know. Not serious...fun. But... New York City 75...74.
I think I should go back up.



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