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Friday, February 29, 2008

A Mountain Of One

Wednesday, 27. February at Salon Des Amateurs - the Londoner Combo "A Mountain Of One" is playing a gig in front of an interested and homely crowd. Not sold out though - yet, I think.
Rough Trade describes AMO1, that consists of the three core members Mo Morris, Leo Elstob and Zeben Jameson, as a "drugged out" Fleetwood Mac, "the full 70's" Santana, Arthur Russel, Laurel Canyon, JJ Cale and Talk Talk. Vice Magazine already calls them a "Balearic Classic".
For me, as I don't really like this kind of comparisons, it is finally just great progressive music, hard to categorize. The drumming enchains you, singer Jameson's voice (he played keyboard for Travis before...) is intoxicating and even the endless guitar solos, during and between their songs, were fun.
Although they only played six or seven songs, the concert was beauteous and I'm glad that I got the chance to enjoy handmade balearic music at it's best.

I decided to upload Ride (appears on Collected Works), my favourite track and nightly highlight of the last weekends when resident DJ Tolouse Low Trax prepared his audience for the upcoming event and dropped it at peak.
I also took a video but the sound quality isn't that good.

A Mountain Of One - Ride


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