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Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Mythos was a Berlin krautrock band that existed in various orders from 1969-1981 with singer Stephan Kaske as its only constant. Together with bassist Harold Wei├če and drummer Thomas Hildebrand, who were all self-taught musicians, he founded the band in 1969. After their debut Mythos from 1971 they split and Kaske recruited Axel Brauer on drums and Michael Krantz on bass for a new attempt. This formation never recorded anything though. Stephan Kaske then tried his luck as solo artist still using the Mythos pseudonyme and killing time with TV and film soundtracks. In 1975 Mythos published their/his second LP Dreamlab. One year later Kaske took Sven Dohrow as guitarist,Eberhard Seidler as bassist and Ronnie Schreinzer as drummer in Mythos. Their sound now became more concrete compared to former releases. After Strange Guys (1978) and Concrete City (1979) they changed to Sky label and recorded their two best albums Quasar (1980) and Grand Prix (1981). Afterwards Kaske left the band in order to pursue solo projects. Schreinzer and Dohrow founded that trash synth-pop band The Twins; this shows quiet well who was head of Mythos, doesn't it;)?

The track Grand Prix from the homonymous LP appears on Savant Dance by Tolouse Low Trax beginning at minute 43. It attracted my attention and let me buy Quasar lately. It ends with when the show's just begun, a melancholic ballad with awesome harmonies and beautiful vocals. Listening to other songs, such as just a part I find that the singing often sounds really unmotivated and destroys the outstanding melody.

Mythos - Grand Prix

Mythos - when the show's just begun

Mythos - just a part

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