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Monday, May 5, 2008

Gorillaz LP

I lately dug up this highlight of my childood when I was driving and looked through the cds in my glove box. It's really uncool to post it, eh? Yeah, maybe.
But what I want to get at is not the ultra-funny and cool story about this notorical mopish cartoon band and neither is it Damon Albarn, De La Soul or Dan The Automator since you can read about all that stuff on wikipedia if you really want to.
It's basically about my astonishment when I fingered out the cd. With my 11 years in 2001, when their debut came out I more or less skipped from Clint Eastwood to 19-2000 to Rock The House and didn't really get the album. Now, 7 years and a musical emancipation later these songs seem boring and straight. Tunes like Double Bass and Latin Simone (Que pasa con tigo) now attract me with their undetermination and tastefulness aside from any mainstream capacity and built up cultic factor. You can't really declare the album good; the wanted eclecticism is definitely forced to much. The dispensable punk-song Punk at least includes a certain irony but other tracks like M1 A1 are just over the top. Albarn wanted to run riot with this project but wasn't officially included in the progress of producing. I find that without his voice on some songs (listen to Starshine) the whole record would have gained a lot.
The evidence that the project as such already created quotable material is supplied by remixes or fine-tuning by Quiet Village and on Chapter One of the DFA Remixes.

Gorillaz - Latin Simone (Que pasa con tigo)

Gorillaz - Double Bass

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