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Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Tonight I want to draw attention to music that touched me a lot lately: No Wave. Actually the so called godfathers of this „non“-movement: Suicide. Besides the super-coolish name, the first song I got to hear was „Dance“, a tune lets me shake immediately putting it on my record player. Martin Rev, one half of the duo, created these totally hypnotic and driving beats on a broken drum-machine that was used for bar mitzvahs earlier while Alan Vega sang and talked on it. His vocal style referred to Rockabilly and method acting.
Suicide's irregular concerts frequently ended in a mess and were abandoned very fast; their texts often dealt with The American Dream and its brokenness which during the 70s would often hit an audience with little understanding. Nevertheless they had a concept that brought them the status of an art-band and inspired leaders of No Wave, probably the most radical scene ever, such as Lydia Lunch, who got literally adopted by Rev, and James Chance.
With their debut LP 1977 Rev and Vega led New York's underground scene out of the blind alley of punk with all its conservatism in music production.
Although Suicide nowadays is regarded as an inspiration of bands like DNA, Mars, James Chance & The Contortions etc. they were much straighter and more stringent compared to the total chaos a few years later.

The following two dancing-musts both occur on „Second Album“ from 1980.

Suicide - Harlem

Suicide - Dance

And don't miss the chance of watching insanity:

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