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Monday, June 2, 2008

Unfinished stuff

To allude yesterday's comment I want to show you this:

For the first time the arrangement of Why me was released in 1982 on X Records titled No Human. It came out simultaneously with the more known Explorer. Both records were results of the cooperation between Tony Carey and Peter Hauke who produced it.
Carey said :"Explorer and one called No Human were just ... some guy raping my archives. I didn't even know about two of the releases. It's all unfinished stuff."

Adoring the version of No Human I feel like the mentioned guy must have been a clairvoyant who saved the unfinished stuff before the Planet P-rape one year later on Geffen Records.
Nevertheless, another example shows how the ingenious duo in fact was able to finish their stuff: the track No. 8 was used for the Hai Samurai 12" release under Carey's alias Yellow Power in 1982 which was re-released on the Dirty Space Disco compilation last year.

Explorer - No. 8

Sad story:
Last week we found a original No Human for incredible 7 Euro on the internet. After an affirmation on the part of the seller the next day he wrote that he didn't have it anymore. Probably found out about his crazy offer...

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