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Friday, January 4, 2008

Burundi Black

In 1967 Sevac Ekian recorded a ceremony of Ingoma Tribe in the East African State Burundi. Back home he developed the idea to arrange a "musical marriage"(mariage musical). Therefore he asked the producer Mike Steiphenson to create a fitting tune to those absorbing drums he brought.

Steiphenson produced a psychedelic harmony consisting of e-guitar and piano and inserted it in Ekian's recording.

In 1971 the track was published under the pseudonym Burundi Black. On Side A there is "Part 1", the drum-solo version, on Side B ("Part 2") the version by Steiphenson. The single went top 40 in the UK. Later, Steiphenson released under his own name or rather aliases some further obscure stuff which didn't receive any attention.

If you like the sound of Quiet Village you should definitely check this out. It fairly reminded me of the remix they did for the Gorillaz.

Burundi Black - Part 1

Burundi Black - Part 2

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