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Wednesday, January 23, 2008


When Clark and I lately lingered over some small jumble sale somewhere in London a specific tape attracted our attention. It was labeled completely black on both sides, only the handwritten name "Resignation" and a hardly readable phone number were visible. When we asked the owner he could'nt tell us anything about it except that he found this piece on his former manchesterian house's attic. Being fixed we brought it home for 50 pence.

Back in Düsseldorf we couldnt really decide if we had found a jewel or a layman's work. After a short and fruitless investigation on the internet we at last dialed the number from the tape. The person answering was a man called Henry Square. When we told him of our found he started laughing. It was indeed one of Resignation's members and he still had the same phone number.

He told us that Resignation was formed in 1979 in Manchester and consisted of him, Joshua Steiner and Edgar Douleur (both pseudonyms, Douleur died in plane crash in 1986). In 1980 they published "I am not blitheful" EP (well, they recorded tapes) which became the only release in this band's history. Square went on that they broke up 2 years later when they were at the age of 22 and recognized that they would'nt have commercial succes in the music business. Him and Steiner lost contact after Douleur's death when Steiner moved to London.
Square promised to send us more demos and some band pictures they took in 1980 simultaneous with their EP.

That was 2 weeks ago and while we're waiting for the demos we already received the photos which are so typical for a Manchesterian band in the late 70s, early 80s.

Clark and I decided to already upload the track Angstlust (they were also playing with german words and history trying to provoke) and further to create a myspace for Resignation.

Angstlust is a synthie impregnated track with
a continous deep bass-line and spherical screeching which obviously doesn't fit to the image they played with. Their music was hearable influenced by the fact that Square's father owned a store for musical instruments where the band could borrow the expensive equipment.

Resignation - Angstlust


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