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Friday, January 18, 2008

Some Random Beauties

Here we got a beautiful psychedelic pop pearl from french composer and jazz musician Claude Bolling. He wrote this song for the soundtrack of the movie "Qui?" from 1970. The Movie was directed by Monsieur LĂ©onard Keigel and the female leading character was played by Romy Schneider. It was one of her early roles where she tried to get rid of her "Sissi" image. As Marina, she survives a car crash caused by an argument with her boyfriend who was driving the car. She is not sure whether he survived or not because the car fell into the sea. After this accident she gets to know her boyfriends brother who falls in love with her. But then Marina feels traced by a mysterious ghost which leads to a serious paranoia. However, Claude Bolling's track seems to be the perfect background music for this psych thriller!

The Velvet Underground - Ride Into The Sun

Early Velvet Underground have always been seen as the evil counterpart to the hippie movement of the late 60ies. Later Lou Reed continually changed their sound into a more conventional one. So it comes that we have an authentic stoned hippie ballad here. It's still supersweet! The song originally emerged in the early 70ies (during the "Loaded" sessions i think) but it first appeared on a bootleg in the late 80ies. It's said that the vocals are sung by Lou Reed himself. Not too sure about that.

The Klan - And I Love It So

Some really adorable psych pop from belgium to finish this. Loving the strings on that song! It's quite astonishing that the members of the band were only 18 and 19 years old when they recorded this song in 1967. They were seen as one of the first pop groups of belgium and played shows with Chuck Berry and even The Rolling Stones. The Klan quickly fell into oblivion though.

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